Bars with live music in Havana

Bars with live music in Havana

You plan to visit Havana, but would like to have options for your nights where you can listen to live music. Whether it’s jazz, pop, fusion, Havana may surprise you with many bar options that offer this type of music.

Cuban music is the expression of the original rhythms and melodies of the island, either native or introduced by the Spanish colonizers and Africans who arrived from the 16th century. A certain Asian influence can also be observed. This last ethnic component can be noticed in the use of the Chinese cornet for “La conga” at the carnivals, a fact that began with the arrival of the first Chinese immigrants to the island. From 1848 onwards, numerous Chinese culíes arrived in Cuba and by 1874, the year in which the hiring of agricultural workers from China ended, there were 132 culíes. in Cuba.

Any intend to classify Cuban music will need to consider the influence of all these cultures.

Today NosotrosCubaneamos recommends you:


Corner Café

Street B #534 /1ra y 3ra, Vedado

corner cafe, cuba, habana

Located in the Vedado with an excellent environment to spend your nights in Havana. Enjoy the visit of many elite Cuban musicians. It is an splendid place to have a drink with your friends, partner or family.



23 and F, Vedado



In spite of being relatively a new bar, it begins to be a space where many well known artists as Pauza, Marypaz or Wadpro Jazz Session make their presentations.



Calle 5ta #604 /4 y 6


Another of the favorite places of Cuban musicians begins to be Pazillo. A great place, of singular architecture. Don’t miss it!

Pazillo, Habana


Street 26 /11 and 13 Vedado

A place to go if you’re in Havana. Want more details? Here we leave you article .

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