What to do in Cuba?

NosotrosCubaneamos proposes you several excursions in Cuba that can be adjusted to your vacation. We propose not only guided tours to the capital of the country, but also excursions to the most emblematic places of Cuba. We provide a different look.


Departure time: 9:30 AM

Termination: 5:00 PM

Duration: 8h approximately.

Starting point: Paseo del Prado 422 e/ San José y Dragones, La Habana Vieja. If the client wishes and requests it, we can coordinate the exit in another direction.

Short-term vacation excursions:

Destination: Modern Havana and 9 o’clock cannon fire ceremony.

Departure time: 5:00 PM

Termination: 10:00 PM

Duration: 5 hours

Place of departure: Hotel or place of lodging of the client.

This tour is recommended for clients whose stay in the city will be very short, e.g.: 1 day and a half (In that evening night that arrives would make the modern part of the city and the canyonazo. Next day tour through the historic center).


Old Havana Tour

Old Havana
Central Park, Capitol, Fraternity Park.
2. Meadow Walk.
3. Avenida del puerto.
4. Cathedral of Havana.
5. Bodeguita del Medio.
6. Plaza de Armas.
7. Plaza de San Francisco de Asís.
8. Plaza Vieja.
9. Boulevard de Obispo and Floridita bar.
10. Boulevard of San Rafael.
11. San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress and Morro Castle.

Modern Havana Tour

Avenida Paseo and Calle Línea.
2. Avenida de los Presidentes and Casa Baliar.
3. Plaza de la Revolución.
4. 23rd Street.
5. Coppelia, the house of Ice Cream
6. Habana Libre Hotel, previously known as Havana Hilton Hotel
7. The Ramp.
8. Visit to the National Hotel.
9. Havana Malecon.
10. Focsa Building.
11. Hamel Alley.
12. Bosque de la Habana (If in Auto).
13. Colón Cemetery.
12. Chinese Cemetery.

1. 5th Avenue Walk.
2. Café Fortuna.
3. Community project Alegría de Vivir, in the town of Santa Fe by plastic artist Fuste.

Day Tour to  Viñales, Soroa or Las Terrazas

1. National Orchid.
2. The Cascade.

The Terraces
1. La Moka Hotel.
2. Café de Maria.
3. Boat House.
4. The House of Polo Montañez.
5. Lake Tour.

Los Jazmines Hotel.
2. Cueva del Indio boat trip.
3. Mural of Prehistory.
4. House of a Tabaquero.
5. Tour of the village.

Day Tour to Cienfuegos and Trinidad

Boulevard de Cienfuegos.
2. Malecón.
3. Paseo del Prado de Cienfuegos (Benny Moré).

1. Historical Quarter.
History Museum (Only if it is open).
Museo de Arqueología Guamuhaya (Only if open).
4. Romantic Museum (Only if open).
5. Museum of Colonial Architecture (Only if open).
6. Trinity Trova House.
7. Plaza Mayor.
8. Tower.
9. Church.
10.Valle de los Ingenios.
6. Iznaga Tower.

Day Tour to Trinidad and Santa Clara


Santa Clara.
1. Plaza de la Revolución de Santa Clara.
2. Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial.
3. Armored Train Museum.
4. Vidal Park.

Day Tour to Zapata Marsh

Zapata Swamp
1. Guama.
2. Crocodile.
3. Girón Beach (Museum).
4. Long Beach.
5. Cueva de los Peces (Diving Area).

Day Tour to Varadero

Varadero Beach
1. The Beach.
2. Josone Park.
3. Dolphinarium.
4. The museum of Varadero.


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