Daily cost of a trip to Cuba

Daily cost of a trip to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba can be a captivating experience. Today in NosotrosCubaneamos we want to give you some recommendations about the budget necessary for your trip.

To spend a week the lowest budget we recommend is $500 per couple. The idea is that you have an average expense of 70 to 100 CUC per day. Keep in mind the currency exchange rate, where 1EUR = 1.18425 CUC. CUC is one of the current currencies in Cuba.

How much should I spend on food and drink in Cuba?

The prices can vary depending on the place, but here we leave you an average:

  • Cocktail: 2 to 5 CUC.
  • National Beer: 2 to 3 CUC.
  • Tourist restaurant: 15 to 25 CUC.

Can I take my credit card with me?

Due to Cuba’s economic blockade, American bank cards do not work.  We recommend that you try to dispose of cash.


Tourism usually leaves tips. Take into account the exchange rate (1EUR = 1.18425 CUC).

  • Restaurants 10 to 15% of the total account
  • Hotel staff and musicians.


We recommend that you use private taxis to transport yourself. The price varies depending on the trip.


The best option is to stay in “casas particulares”, where the average price is usually 35 cuc per night. If you want help with your accommodation you can always write to nosotroscubaneamos@gmail.com



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