Tour Guide in Havana


We are a team of expert guides in Cuba.

For some years we have been creating excursions around Havana and part of Cuba with travelers from all over the world. We guarantee a unique experience, that can include a complete package because we can guarantee lodging and mobility. Our job is to create from your trip a unique and unforgettable experience.

We offer:

  • Tours to walk the streets of Havana telling their story.
  • Trips around the island
  • Tours to beaches, exotic places, famous cities in Cuban culture.
  • Hosting
  • Transportation

The idea is to make your trip as pleasant and comfortable as possible, with prices that fit your pocket.

From time to time we travel around the island informing ourselves of what is happening in terms of travel: visiting newly opened hotels, checking the state of the renovated facilities, moving in rental cars or buses to know first hand the routes of interest to discover, we visit restaurants, “palates” and “houses rentals” that we can then recommend to you.

We have shared our particular experience with others about walking the streets of Havana and visiting part of the island from a very Cuban perspective.

We have created routes for thousands of people who have traveled through Cuba, and other parts of the…

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