Varadero Day Tour


If you have always wanted to visit paradise, we put it within your reach, when in Cuba or in any other country it is said Varadero, that name is immediately associated in the first term to a beautiful beach and in the second term to tourism. In doing so, the ancient history of the area where the famous spa is located is unknown.

The Hicacos Peninsula was populated by aborigines, as evidenced by the evidence found in the caves of Ambrosio and the Muslims and their, until today, indecipherable pictographs. The Varadero museum exhibits the remains of one of the aborigines found on the flap of the “Cave of the Muslims”. The exposed skeleton corresponds to a funerary site that is calculated existed between the 500 years a.n.e. and the first 500 of our era.

Enjoy a naturally tropical paradise, its white beaches and turquoise waters make a beautiful and pleasant contrast for everyone who comes with us and does not miss the opportunity to know it.


Varadero Tour offer

Departure time: 9:30 AM
Termination: 5:00 PM
Duration: 8h approximately.
Starting point: Paseo del Prado 422 e/ San José y Dragones, La Habana Vieja. If the client wishes and requests it, we can coordinate the exit in another direction.


Varadero Beach
1. Beach.
2. Josone Park.
3. Dolphinarium.
4. The museum of Varadero.
5. Amusement park.
6. Bellamar Caves.

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10 thoughts on “Varadero Day Tour

  1. Hola!!
    quisiera saber mas, sobre la excursion a Varadero, la idea es llevar a mi hija (13 años) a nadar con Delfines y de paso conocer la playa de Varadero.
    Podemos arreglar y reservar?
    Seria para el 15 de Agosto.

  2. Buen día,

    Me gustaría un poco más de información acerca de este tour para 4 personas y si es que el tour puede recogernos directamente en Varadero y no en La Habana,

    Muchas gracias

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