Cuban Art Factory: a place to visit at night

Cuban Art Factory: a place to visit at night

T,o continue with the places we recommend for night visits,  NosotrosCubaneamos proposes a look at the cultural project Fábrica del Arte Cubano. It is an imposing building in the municipality of Vedado. Fabrica de Arte is one of the most representative sites in the capital of all expressions of art.

Fabrica de Arte is divided into several rooms, each one dedicated to a different manifestation of art. The visitor can enjoy concerts of various genres of music: Jazz, Fusion, Hip Hop, Alternative Music, etc. There are spaces dedicated to exhibit the paints of recognized artists as well for the lovers of photography. Dancing also has its space with very unique shows

As  large place it has several bars where you can taste a good drink, highlighting the mojito. Prices can range from 2 to 4 cuc. Sandwish and other types of light meals are also available.
It is a splendid place, especially to go and be among friends.

History of the Cuban Art Factory

The former Vedado oil factory, converted into the Cuban Art Factory.

The idea of ​​establishing the Cuban Art Factory arose after the Cuban musician, X Alfonso, made the documentary “Sin Título” exhibited for the first time in December 2009. Then, X Alfonso promoted the exchange of the public with the protagonists of the material.

Since mid-2010, the project was located in the Pabexpo fairground, in the western portion of the Cuban capital. Attendees interacted with live music, dance, visual arts, theater, fashion and audiovisual, among other events.

Since February 13, 2014, the project has its permanent enclave in the building that corresponded to an old warehouse in the capital district of Vedado. Located on Calle 26 between 11 and 13, in the old Vedado oil factory El Cocinero. Property ceded by the Ministry of Fisheries to the Ministry of Culture. Being exclusively dedicated to the project under the management of the Cuban Music Institute.

Fábrica del Arte Cubano is a diverse, modern, authentic and exclusive socio-cultural plaza of its kind. In the same space and time, music, cinema, dance, painting, photography, fashion, architecture, design, performance, sculpture, video-art, theater, literature, new technologies, academic exchanges and community projects come together.

Contributed to the materialization of this project, institutions such as the Cuban Music Institute, the Art Schools, the Young Filmmakers Exhibition, the Cuban Photo Library, and the artists themselves, especially the Carlos and X Alfonso family of musicians, architects , art curators and other specialists.

Each segment of the institution reveals a bold and innovative design that transmits the breath of culture and the most contemporary art made in Cuba.

The multicultural project, which originates from the local level and extends to Cuba and the rest of the world, aims to create future venues in the center and east of the Island.

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