The community project of the Cuban artist, José Rodríguez Fuster. In the northwest part of Havana, in the area of Jaimanitas and known as Fusterlandia. It is the residence and community of Fuster a work of natural size.

[1] Although Fuster’s art can not be defined as truly innovative (his visual language draws heavily from Picasso and Jean Dubuffet), he has undoubtedly innovated many spaces with him. The roofs, walls, entrances and benches that extend through the blocks around the epicenter that is the enclave of his studio, are decorated with his sculptures and colorful mosaics: sirens, fish, palm trees, roosters and Santeria saints, or appointments by Alejo Carpentier, Onelio Jorge Cardoso and Ernest Hemingway. More than 80 neighbors have let Fuster use their houses as canvases.

Tour a Fusterlandia, Cuba, Habana
NosotrosCubaneamos y amigos en Fusterlandia

Fuster was born in 1946 in Caibarién, on the north coast of Cuba, a town of people dedicated to fishing and living from the sea. “I am a man of the sea,” says Fuster. “I come from a very normal family, my people were simple and they made their living with small fishing boats or working in fishermen’s cooperatives.” At age 14, he volunteered to teach reading and writing in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra, and then ended up studying art in Havana. He has been working as a professional artist since 1966. Today, Fuster calculates his personal exhibitions in more than 100 and his group exhibitions in more than 500 around the world. His son, Alex, is a doctor and also runs the Fuster business.


Fusterlandia, says the artist, was the natural outcrop of Fuster’s artistic development, no more and no less. “I was working every day to do something more and more spectacular,” he says. “I wanted my studio to be a place where I could live with art, which was always my dream, my idea, and I think that, little by little, it became a reality.”

He says he puts his money back that he gets from the sale of his paintings and sculptures ?? in the community, redecorating the houses of their neighbors and incorporating them to Fusterlandia. “This project is not just about my house, it’s about my neighbors’ houses, my neighbors are wonderful people.” And what about the accusations of self-promotion? “There are people who have criticized me saying that all this is an ode to myself, but I can not do anything about that, that’s life.”

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[1] Taken from Havana-Cultura.

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