Where the cubans talk about beisbol?

Where the cubans talk about beisbol?

If you visit the habana and they ask you if you passed by the hot corner you will think of any corner of this Caribbean capital nestled in an eternal summer, maybe you passed by without knowing it unless you enjoy a guide like the ones you will find in NosotrosCubaneamos

The hot corner
This rock is one of the hottest in the capital


Located in the Central Park of Havana, some of the most emblematic parks of the capital is this peña, one of the most heated in the capital, where followers of all the teams gather to discuss the performance of the different teams and of the active and retired players.

In Cuba, the “baseball bichito” bites a lot of people. It is not surprising to hear that in the country there are 11 million referees and coaches who, as the Central Park referees prove, defend their opinion tooth and nail.

Esquina Caliente Hot Corner Debate

In general, those who go to the peña never agree, everyone wants to impose their own criteria and that is why it is frequent to see faces of few friends everywhere, although many seem not to care too much not to be fooled, friendship, sports debates, how crowded has historically been this corner that curiously is not in the corner have turned this Esquina Caliente into an emblematic place of the Cuban capital.

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