Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about visiting Cuba

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about visiting Cuba

¿What should I wear to Cuba?

Light-coloured cotton or similar dresses are the most suitable for most of the year. However, from the end of October to March, cold fronts are frequent in Cuba and temperatures of up to 10 degrees Celsius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) are sometimes recorded.

For this time of year it is advisable to have a light coat of wool or gabardine. In the rainy season (May to October), on the other hand, it is advisable to have a light raincoat.

Casual clothing (jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, tennis shoes or other light, cool footwear) is used in almost all places. However, more formal clothing is required to attend theatres, luxury restaurants, concert halls and others, for which long-sleeved shirts and ties are recommended, not ruling out the use of jackets or dress suits.

What documentation is needed to enter the country and how long can I stay in Cuba? How can I extend my stay permit?
Upon arrival in the country you must have a passport valid for no less than six months and your visa or entry permit. The visa can be issued for a term of 30 days; later, if you wish to extend your stay, you can go to the Immigration and Aliens offices before the expiration of the visa in order to request the extension or extension of your visa.
I will soon travel to Havana and plan to rent a car, what should I do? Are there gas stations on highways? And tell me if I need to present any documents for rent.

To rent a car, you can do so at the same airport upon arrival in the country, or via the Internet. There are several Agencies that offer this service and prices vary from the economic classes to the luxury classes, variety also in terms of models, depending on the time reserved, etc.. So we suggest you make the reservation after evaluating options. You will find gas stations all over the country and also roadside assistance.

You must present your passport and your driving license .

BUT if you want to dispense with being the one who runs NosotrosCubaneamos, you have classic cars that can perform excursions to tourist places of interest, always with reservation.

I am looking for information to stay in the days I will spend in Cuba, where can I find data about hotels in Cuba? I have also heard about rental houses, can you send me information?
NosotrosCubaneamos has a collaborative network of “rental houses”, where you can request accommodation: please write to if you need help with it.
Can I use my cell phone in Cuba?
You can bring your cell phone to Cuba. There is a wide coverage to the clients of any operator with which CUBACEL has roaming agreements, the service is automatically activated from the moment they arrive in Cuba, if the client is POSPAYMENT and has the International Roaming service active with their operator, and if the terminal they use is compatible with the characteristics of our network, that is to say that it supports the 900 MHz band, when they arrive in Cuba and turn on their mobile phone, it must be automatically registered in our network and show on the display 368-01 / CU-CCOM / CUBACEL, depending on the configuration of the phone. However, in the event that automatic registration is not achieved, the visitor must be instructed to make the manual network selection through the phone menu options. For more information visit
What currencies circulate in the country. How much is the exchange rate of international currencies with respect to cuban currency?
The entire price system established in the country’s tourist sites is the CUC convertible peso, although the Cuban peso is the national currency. A Cuban peso contains one hundred cents. There are bills of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 50 as well as coins of 1 and 3 pesos and 1, 5, 20 centavos. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry too much about these, because they will only be useful in very few occasions, for example, to buy some fruit in the peasant market, and little more, so it is not recommended to change the convertible peso for Cuban pesos except for some very specific interest. There is also the so-called convertible peso (CUC), which replaces the circulation of foreign currencies in the country, with bills of 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and coins 1 and 5 pesos and 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. The exchange from dollars and Euros to convertible pesos can fluctuate.

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  1. Contacte con Geikis de nosotroscubaneamos porque lo vi en un foro de viajes a Cuba. Le envíe dos correos electronicos tal como quedamos envió a recogernos a Maria Haydee Gomez, una persona culta, amable educada y dispuesta a complacernos en todo lo que le proponiamos, en definitiva una visita a La Habana de dos días maravillosos junto a la profesional guía que tuvimos, Maria Haydee Gomez.

  2. Buonasera siamo una famiglia di 3 adulti e tre ragazzi e arriviamo all’Havana il 19 agosto sera e ci imbarchiamo sulla nave Opera di MSC. Vorrei sapere quale escxursione potremmo fare dato che restiamo all’Havana il 20 tutto il giorn e il 21 ripartiamo alle 17. Grazie aspeetto notizie

  3. y se me olvidaba!! ¿tendrán alguna sugerencia para poder ir del aeropuerto al muelle “aries” en autobus? sabemos que como en todas las ciudades del mundo el uso de taxi para trasladarse resulta muy elevado, ojalá tengan alguna sugerencia para nosotros gracias!!!

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