Cuban rums

Cuban rums

Although consumption of gin has increased considerably, other beverages such as Cuban rums are still favorites in Cuba. This liquor made from sugar cane that was born in the Antilles and that currently maintains its status as one of the most appreciated drinks internationally.

NosotrosCubaneamos offers a list of details of each type of rum produced on the island.

Havana Club Rum

Produced by Cuba Corporation Ron S.A. for Havana Club Internacional, which are distributed worldwide by Pernod Ricard. There are different types like the youngest rum from Havana Club : the Añejo 3 years. Then they are: Añejo Especial, Añejo Reserva, Añejo 7 years, Selection of Teachers. And to finish, the Añejo 15 Years or even a Maximum Extra Aged.

havana club añejo de 15 años
Ron havana club añejo de 15 años

Havana Club 3 years

Havana Club Añejo 3 Años is made and aged for three years in Cuba, in a hot and humid climate, under the care of our Roneros Teachers.

Alcoholic degree 40%. It comes in 70cl bottles.

Havana Club 7 years

To create the Havana Club Añejo 7 years it takes more than 14 years and the minimum age of any rum in the mix is 7 years.

Alcoholic degree 40%. It comes in 70cl bottles.

Havana Club Añejo Reserva

Havana Club Añejo Reserva is a tasty and exceptionally soft blend. It is the perfect example of the excellence of Cuban rum blends.

Alcoholic degree 40%. It comes in a 70cl bottle.

Havana Club 15 years

Havana Club Añejo 15 years has always been produced in very limited quantities, only 58 barrels a year.

Alcoholic degree 40%. It comes in 70cl bottles.

Masters Selection

Selección de Maestros es un ron triple añejo de barril, fruto de un proceso único de elaboración. Los Maestros Roneros se reúnen y seleccionan los mejores y más excepcionales rones añejos.

Grado alcohólico 45%. Se presenta en botellas de 70cl.

Havana Club Máximo

This rum is handmade by mixing the best and oldest rum reserves that have been left for years in the Havana Club wineries. Havana Club Máximo is a very limited edition: only 1,000 bottles are produced per year.

Alcoholic degree 38%. It comes in 70cl bottles.

[taken from Cubaron]

Ron Santiago de Cuba

Manufactured in the province of Santiago de Cuba. This province has been recognized as the cradle of light rum since 1862.

stgo_12It is a Rum created and produced in the Ronera Santiago de Cuba, since the Revolutionary Government nationalized (1960) the Bacardi and Methuselah factories. It is the creation of teachers and workers of old rum factories in the region. It represents the highest expression of the tradition of Ron de Cuba. It is unique for its authenticity and quality (aroma, smoothness and taste).

It has several types, created mainly to celebrate commemorative dates of the city. An example is the Ron Extra Añejo Santiago de Cuba, designed to honor the Foundation of the Villa of the same name. This product has been awarded with the Medal of Quality in the Commercial Fairs of EXPOCARIBE / 2002 and ALIMEXPO / 2003.


It is presented in four modalities: Carta Blanca, Añejo, Añejo Superior and Extra Añejos. The “logo” represents the union of the natural elements present in Santiago de Cuba: its land of mountains, bathed and illuminated by the sea and the Caribbean sun, which together with our traditional “way of making the rum” inherited from generation in generation, offer a unique product. With this brand, Cuba Ron S.A. He designed the products he wanted to present to the select public of the market, that is, to the high and elite segments of the Premium, Super Premium and Prestige categories. It is a brand that translates the evolution of rum throughout the history of our country, and that unites inherited traditions, advances in technology and the thinking of the current generations of roneros, so that in a magical synergy, achieve a rum that turns out to be a liquid synthesis of the original Cuban culture.

About the Cuba Ron S.A brand

The brand is registered in Cuba in class 33 of the International Product Classifier, and in those countries that are markets of interest, where their exports are directed. The records were made using the international, regional (community) and national method. In this way it was certified in the European Union, in countries of Asia, Africa and America.

This brand is properly protected as a Domain Name on the Internet in .com, .net and .biz

In just six years of export, this brand, in its opening phase and customer search for its introduction in new markets, is already marketed, among others, in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, Malaysia, Ecuador and Chile.

Ron Cubay

This brand represents the name of Aruaco origin and the town of Santo Domingo, in the province of Villa Clara.
It has only two modalities: carte blanche and añejo. It has a wide range of liquors (Coffee, Cocoa, Blue Curacao, Grenadine, Maraschino, Mint, Pineapple, Banana, Triple Sec, and soon Anise, Lemon and Coconut).

Its design won the 2000 Prize for Creativity and the Technological Initiative granted by the Cuban Office of Industrial Property and its quality has been awarded with the Gold Medal at the FIHAV Trade Fair / 2002 and with the Quality Award at EXPOCARIBE / 2003 .

Ron Cubay


It is manufactured in Santiago de Cuba by Cuba Corporation Ron S.A., owner of brand that reaffirms itself as a producer of great rum brands in Cuba.

Ron Arecha
Ron Arecha

It has several production lines:

  • White card
  • Gold Letter
  • Vintage
  • Ron Arecha’s Elixir

Ron Pearl of the North

Made with the use of a unique technology from vintage spirits and bases, subjected to different stages of mixing and aging in barrels of American white oak of the most diverse types and uses, in which some of its components have reached up to 7 years of aging being aged in its final stages in extra old barrels that have been conserved with vigilance and used with wisdom.

Ron Perla del Norte
Ron Perla del Norte


Excellent brilliance, cleanliness and transparency, testimony of its natural and extensive aging.
Its dark color, mysterious and suggestive, inspires intimacy and closeness but also transports us the mystery of the unknown, being the perfect prelude to its aroma
To Rome:

Sophisticated, intense, rich balanced, not irritating when inhaled deeply despite its 38% alcohol by volume, nothing artificial is discovered.

Soft, fruity, permanent, a torrent of aromas, leaving a clean taste with great body that expresses the magic of aging aged spirits and rum.

Legendary Rum

The Legendary rums are produced by the MINAL Beverage Company. This range of rums is sold worldwide by the Cuba Ron SA Corporation.

Ron Legendario
Ron Legendario

Production lines:

  • Superior White Letter
  • Añejo Blanco
  • Golden
  • Gran Reserva 15 Years
  • Elixir of Cuba


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