Things to do in Havana

Things to do in Havana

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Today in NosotrosCubaneamos we want to show you some things you can do if you are in Havana (not so obvious) where you can spend your time.

Visit The Capitol

Recently inaugurated, it is one of the most important buildings in Havana. Keep an eye on it!

Capitolio habanero

Smoke a Habano

If you are in Cuba it is time to smoke a cigar, make sure you get an original cigar, your guide can help you in that. Whether you buy it in a store or on a tour(Viñales) it’s an experience you shouldn’t miss if you’re visiting Havana.


Take a mojito!

A refreshing drink that many like. It is undoubtedly one of the most prepared in every bar in Havana.

Listen to Cuban music!

If you are in Havana this is a perfect opportunity to listen to new music. Whether you’re listening to it in a place where it’s in a band or buying a CD to take home.


Get some salsa lesson

If you like to dance you can look for some kind of salsa, where they teach you in a few days how to do it.

Try some fruit bought in a market or seller


Be sure to wash them thoroughly first! Cuban fruits are sown without the help of any chemicals, which makes their taste authentic. We encourage you to try them!

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