Top 10 things to do in Trinidad

Top 10 things to do in Trinidad

The best 10 things to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba. It dates from the year 1514.  It evolved rapidly, making it one of the most prosperous cities in the largest of the Antilles. It is one of the best preserved colonial cities in Cuba and America. It belongs to the World Heritage of Humanity.

Sugar production allowed the enrichment of the owners of the sugar mills in Trinidad and in the Valley, where mansions and palaces were built. These buildings are today the pride of Cuban culture. The date of its foundation is celebrated each year with a Trinitarian Culture Week; in January 2009 the city celebrated its 495th birthday.

Today we want to present to you a list of the 10 best things you can do in Trinidad:

  1. Cultural tour, you can visit: The Main Square, the Architecture Museum, the Municipal Museum.

2. Check the rental houses in the city.

3. Playa Ancón.

4. Visit Torre Iznaga.

5. Climbing the Escambray Mountains: you will be amazed at the natural beauties these mountains hide.

6. Valle de los ingenios.

7. Visit local restaurants.

8. Visit the highest point of the city: Convento de San Francisco.

9. The house of music.

10. La casa de la trova.


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