The best way to make tourism in Havana

The best way to make tourism in Havana

Cuba is a tourist destination par excellence, and its capital is a city surrounded by classic cars and history. The best way to make tourism in Havana is through the hand of a tour guide. Why? With the help of a tour guide you can know how the locals think, know the history of the place (even the one not told in books). Learn from new and classic places to eat, have fun or just hang out.

The best thing is to do it without haste, dividing the ride into two phases: Old Havana , La Habana moderna . And for those who want to go a little further, do it with a very peculiar excursion: Havana on the inside . We believe that it is the best way to get to know the city, because you end up touring it.

The excursion to Old Havana concentrates on taking a tour through the historic center of the city. The most important historical places are shown. This part of the city represents one of the most tourist areas of Havana due to the restoration of churches, fortresses and other historic buildings. It also has restaurants of all kinds: from cafes to gourmet restaurants. There are also many bookstores, museums and shops (clothes, handicrafts, souvenirs). Due to the large number of tourists, life in Old Havana is very active and crafts fairs, books, artistic presentations, etc. are held there.

The places that are crossed are:

1. Central Park, Capitol, park of the Fraternity.
2. Meadow walk.
3. Harbor Avenue.
4. Cathedral of Havana.
5. Bodeguita del medio.
6. Plaza de armas.
7. Plaza de San Francisco de Asís.
8. Old Square.
9. Boulevard de Obispo and Floridita bar.

Then we recommend the Habana Moderna excursion. This tour is more focused on showing the part of the city where there are numerous buildings from the 1930s and 1940s, where sumptuous hotels, casinos and splendid nightclubs were built. Havana, like Las Vegas in the 1940s, developed when it was marketed as a destination to play and enjoy parties on sunny beaches.

Many office buildings, and apartment complexes, along with some hotels approved by Fulgencio Batista now represent this part of the city.

It also has an important place in the visit: Fusterlandia . A place that honors art and that enchants everyone who visits it.

The tour is based on going through:

1. Paseo Avenue and Line Street.
2. Avenida de los Presidentes and Casa Baliar.
3. Square of the Revolution.
4. Calle 23
5. Copelia.
6. Free Havana.
7. Ramp.
8. Visit to the National Hotel.
9. Malecón habanero.
10. Building Focsa.
11. Alley of Hamel.
12. Bosque de la Habana (If it is by Auto).
13. Cemetery of Columbus (If it is in Auto).
12. Chinese Cemetery (If it is in Auto).

1. Walk on 5th Avenue (If it is by Auto).
2. Fusterlandia: Community project Alegría de Vivir, in the town of Santa Fe by the artist Fuster

The Havana tour inside is more to really know the Cuban. The idea is to show those places that are not within the tourist area but that represent a fundamental part of the Cuban. The most popular areas to visit are: Chinatown, Reina Avenue, The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, the San Isidro neighborhood and the most significant remains of the Wall of Havana. It is a perfect excursion to end your days in Havana.

Undoubtedly spend couple of days in the Cuban capital can be an enriching experience. Cuba is without a doubt a special country for some vacations.

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